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Sunset Framer & Art Gallery LOVES working with Interior Designers!

Whether the art is the focal point of the room or just an accent in a tasteful and cohesive design, Sunset Framer can help your client's art shine. We offer over a 1000 picture frame mouldings in a variety of sizes and styles. From modern and contemporary, to traditional and classic, or rustic and southwest; we have it all. 

With our focus on design as well as conservation, we only use acid free mats, acid free foam core, and archival grade glazing to protect the value of your client's art. We carry only metal or wood frames; no poly plastic frames that fall apart in a few years.  For your client that wants only the best mouldings, we offer Olivewood, walnut, burl, natural cherry, re-purposed 100 year old beams from Italy, and many more. For those on a strict budget, we have plenty of stylish options in lower price points.

Designing a cabin or hunting lodge? We carry plenty of barn wood, rustic, and southwest style mouldings. How about a man cave or game room? We're experienced in framing your client's favorite jersey or sports memorabilia with plenty of mouldings in team colors and other tasteful options to match the room's theme.

Does your client have a family heirloom or favorite art piece that they insist must be part of the design? Re-framing the piece can give the art a much needed face lift to match the theme of the room.

Designing a contemporary space? We specialize in float/box frames. Float frames provide protection to the art while giving the piece a modern designer touch. 

Need a canvas stretched? We can stretch your client's canvas on a standard 1/2 inch stretcher bar for traditional framing. We also offer gallery wraps starting at 1 1/2 inches and up to 2 inches thick for a contemporary metropolitan look.

All custom picture frames are built onsite by experienced framers. We pride ourselves for our attention to detail and careful handling of your client's artwork. As the longest running custom picture framing shop in Saint George, Utah, you can be assured that your client's artwork and framing projects are in good hands. 

Come in today for a no obligation quote. We look forward to working with you and your client!

See some of our favorite design options below. All work shown was framed by Sunset Framer & Art Gallery.

Stretched canvas in float frame

Float Frame

Modernize any canvas or gallery wrap with a contemporary float frame. Available in a variety of depths, colors, textures, and tones.

Traditional frame in a float frame

Traditional Cap Frame set in a Float Frame

For an extra custom look, we framed this piece in a traditional cap frame and floated it inside a float frame. It definitely adds interest and depth to the piece.

Walnut frame, linen liner, gold fillet, custom framed oil painting

Oil Painting with frame, linen liner, and fillet

Client wanted the framing to reflect the painters home country's framing style as well as match their custom headboard in their master bedroom. Solid walnut frame to match their headboard, linen liner, and gold fillet gave them the authenticity feeling of the country of origin.

The visual impact of double stacked frames

For our 2018 Jubilee of Trees auction donation, Sunset Framer was given the task to design and frame an Edward Curtis photograph from another donor. We chose an outer Larson Juhl moulding that had the appearance of aged industrial steel. We paired it with a second inner Larson Juhl frame that reminded us of railroad rivets that resembled oxidized steel. The top mat matched the color tone in the photo and we added a chestnut brown accent mat for depth. We completed the design with Museum glass to avoid any glare.

We feel the entire design is complimentary to the subject matter and time period of the photograph. The buyer agreed.

custom picture frame, triple mats, olivewood frame

Large Gallery Wrap on 1.5 inch stretcher bars

Corporate client wanted their large painting from Europe to match their contemporary office decor.  Rarely is there a gallery wrap project too large for us to handle!

Custom southwest themed picture frame with custom mats

Customized Matting with Staircase Corners

Looking for a unique way to mat your client's art work? We have many options to cut out designs in the mat on our computerized mat cutter (CMC) for a truly custom look! Client wanted the mats to match the southwest theme of his print and stunning Universal Arquati frame.

Contemporary Southwest design

We wanted to showcase this original alcohol ink painting from a local artist with a Southwest Studio frame, but we wanted to keep the overall look modern and sophisticated. The top and second mat are solid core and one shade apart. The third "accent" mat was cut with a reverse bevel to avoid a white edge. Finished with Museum glazing for a no glare look with 99% UV protection.

framed tapestry, custom framed tapestry

The Family Heirloom Tapestry

Client had a beautiful tapestry that had been in her family for generations. She wanted the framing to match the silver and grey in her modern house without compromising the age of the piece. We chose a silver frame with textured scrolls and a linen liner for a grandeur look that both complimented the design of her home as well as keeping the time period of the piece in mind. 

Framed magazine floating on mat

Turn your client's cherished memories into a piece of art

A client spent her childhood taking piano lessons and she wanted a way to display her favorite music magazine. We floated the entire preserved magazine on a silk mat and framed to match her tastes and time period.

Custom framed puzzle of Santorini

Even a puzzle can be a framed piece of art

The client wanted to preserve the last puzzle her father put together. The budget didn't allow for a double stacked frame, but she loved how two frames looked. Instead, we cut the top mat smaller than the bottom mat to give the appearance of a blue second frame. Same design look at a lower price point. Museum glass eliminated the glare providing optimum enjoyment of the sentimental piece.

Framed ballerina slippers

Showcasing a client's talent in a shadowbox

The grandmother of this ballerina wanted to add a cherished and decorative piece to her grandchild's nursery. She wanted the design to be simple and modern. We added the crystal button as a design touch.

Custom framed sports jersey

For the Man Cave or Game Room

Who wouldn't want to incorporate a sport's jersey into the design concept when it's professionally framed? We used a double stacked shadowbox black frame and mustard frame to match the team colors. 

Art for a gallery wall

This client had four prints with similar themes. She wanted colorful mats and frames. Although she wanted to frame based on the print, we managed to make all four art pieces work together for her gallery wall. By using different shades of the same moulding and giving each print a 2 inch border, all four pieces look like a thought out cohesive design.

Photograph or travel collage

For the client that loves collages or who wants to incorporate photos and mementos from their travels, we can design a tasteful way to display them in one art piece. There are many different mat and glazing options depending on budget. We had preferred this client use a glossy white frame, but he wanted a black frame to match his other frames.  Unfortunately, the budget didn't allow for museum glass, but it would have prevented the glare. We've blocked out their names for privacy.

Celebrating a career

For the client that just retired, celebrate their career with a whimsical business card design. This client wanted something unique instead of just rows of business cards that spanned the life of her career. All her cards from her first job to her last. We used a Crescent black color core mat with a blue bevel to give the project an accent color. To switch up the design, we floated some cards on a yellow mat and others on a red mat. She was excited to incorporate this framed piece of sentimental art into her home.

custom framed family photo, sunsetframer

The large family photo

We loved working with this client to frame her 4 foot by 6 foot family photograph. We chose a stunning Omega Moulding Olive wood outer frame and a silver Versailles style inner frame that complimented the tones in the green trees and lawn. 

Modernizing your client's favorite art piece makes all the design difference!
Re-frame Before and Afters

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